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Alabama State Income Tax Filing Rates and FormsAlabama Tax

The state of Alabama has their own set of income tax rules you have to follow when filing an individual tax return.

You will need the State of Alabama Tax Form if you are not filing your taxes online.

Alabama Income Tax laws allow for the the standard or itemized deductions. However, Alabama does not allow for other deductions besides the federal tax liability deductions. The good news is that Alabama does have some good tax credits available to taxpayers! The credits you can qualify as an Alabama taxpayer include taxes paid to another state, the basic skills deduction credit and the capital credit.

If you file your taxes online using a preparation system, then all of these credits will be taken into account. In fact, it is guaranteed you will receive any credits you qualify for as a citizen of the State of Alabama. This video is very helpful for those needing information about the State of Alabama Income Tax.

Some other important notes regarding State of Alabama Income Tax:

  • As a resident of Alabama, retirement income from an out-of-state source is taxable to Alabama.
  • As a non-resident of Alabama earning income from a source in Alabama, you are responsible for filing an Alabama state income tax return if your earnings are over your personal allowable exemption amount.
  • If you own a home in Alabama and qualified for the mortgage interest credit on your federal return, then the interest you paid before receiving the credit is deductible on your Alabama tax return.
  • You can find more information on income tax on the State of Alabama website.

If you are ready to file your return then the easiest way will be to e-file your return. Check out our e-filing page to guide your through the process.

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