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South Caolina State Income Tax Rates Forms Filing

If you were a resident during the tax year in question then you will be required to file a South Carolina State tax return. Part-time residents have a couple options to choose from when it comes to reporting their income. You can either calculate your state taxes just as a resident would do with form SC-1040 and take credits for taxes paid to other states, or, you can report your income as a non-resident which is schedule NR under the form SC-1040.  A non-resident must file if the amount of income they accumulated in South Carolina exceeds the amount of the personal federal exemption. 

They have both sales and income tax and the income tax rate brackets look like this:

$0 – $2,760  – 0%
$2,760 – $5,520 – 3%
$5,520 – $8,280 – 4%
$8,280 – $11,040 – 5%
$11,040 – $13,800 – 6%
$13,000+ – 7%

The income tax rates are the same for single filers and those filing under different statuses.You can take a standard deduction of $5,700 as a single tax payers and $11,400 for those married filing jointly.  Tax payers in South Carolina can take a personal exemption of $3,700 as a single filer and $7,400 if you’re married and filing jointly, and $3,700 for each dependent.

Other Taxes

South Carolina’s sales tax is a straightforward 6% on most goods besides prescription drugs and unprepared food items.  Many counties impose an additional 1%, while others still impose a 2%. If you’re 85 or older then you’ll only be required to pay 5%.
They have a moderate gasoline excise tax of 16.8 cents per gallon which is the same for diesel fuel as well. The cigarette excise tax is an easy-going 57 cents per pack. There is no inheritance or estate tax in South Carolina.

Forms & Filing

If you need to know where to get the necessary tax forms then simply refer to the tax form page. There is a form request phone line, you can also email your form request or use the taxpayer service center locater to see if there’s one nearby where you can get help in person but the like the other states, South Carolina strongly recommends that you file electronically and remove the need for wasting paper.


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