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Idaho State Income Tax Rates Forms and Filing

Each year the Idaho State Legislature meets in January to consider new tax laws. Then the tax commission reviews these laws and interprets them and puts them into place for Idaho tax payers. There are three main types of taxes in Idaho. They are sales, income and property taxes. If you do own property then your property taxes will be assessed by and paid to the county rather than the State.

As a resident of Idaho, you will be taxed on all income. This would include income earned from other states as well if you were a resident of Idaho for that tax year. If you are a non resident of Idaho but earned income in Idaho then you will be required to file a state tax return for that income. This is common for most states that require you to pay income tax.


As an Idaho state tax payer you will be required to pay an income tax rate based on the total amount of your income. These income tax rates range from 1.6-7.4%. There is no inheritance or estate tax in Idaho and the sales tax rate is a flat 6%. Your social security benefits will not be taxed as income and neither will any income received from the Railroad Retirement Board. Retirement benefits from other sources will be taxed but you will be eligible for an addditional deduction if you receive retirement income and you are over 65 or if you are disabled and are over 62.


The most commonly used tax form is Form 40. If you are a non resident or part time resident then you will need to file Form 43. These forms and all others are available on the State Tax Forms page. If you are ready to file then the fastest and easiest way is to e-file your return.

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