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Colorado State Tax Rates Forms and Filing
In the State of Colorado, there is no income amount requiring you to file a tax return. You are required to file a Colorado income tax return no matter your age and residency if you want to receive a refund from your W-2. Non-residents living in Colorado are required to file a non-resident schedule on Form 104PN if you owe taxes. To view the actual Colorado income tax form, you can check out this website for more help!

The deadline to file your Colorado Income Tax return is April 15th of each year. This depends on the day that the 15th falls on the calendar. If April 15th is a holiday or falls on a weekend, the date may be adjusted.You are required to pay 90% of your taxes owed to the State of CO by April 15th or you will have to pay interest and penalties. If you file your taxes online, you will be able to make your payments online, as well. Yet another reason we recommend e-filing your taxes! E-filing is available 24 hours a day!

For more information on the best way to file your return, visit our e-filing page.

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